Senstar celebrates 40th anniversary of its incorporation as a renowned video management and analytics solutions company

Senstar, a globally renowned company in video management, video analytics and perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), is celebrating 40 years since its incorporation in 1981.


Headquartered in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, Senstar was established with the objective of bringing security technologies, originally targeted for military applications, to the commercial market. Initially a seven-employee company, Senstar now has employees and service centres all over the world. Its market-renowned products are found in more than 100 countries, at tens of thousands of sites.

Video analytics and access control added to product portfolio

Having such a wide range of products has allowed our engineering teams to develop multi-layer security solutions”

The past few years have been particularly significant for Senstar, with the addition of video management, video analytics, and access control technologies, to our already extensive perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS) product portfolio,” said the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Senstar, Jeremy Weese. Jeremy Weese adds, “Having such a wide range of products has allowed our engineering teams to develop innovative, multi-layer security solutions that address and solve key problems.

Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform

A key example of this approach to security is the recently introduced Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform with sensor fusion engine, a modular solution for security management and data intelligence. In addition to being an open, highly scalable video management system with built-in video analytics, it includes full-featured access control and perimeter intrusion detection modules.

But, what makes it truly unique is its sensor fusion engine, which intelligently synthesizes low-level sensor and video analytic data, so as to achieve the highest levels of performance, far beyond that of the individual devices.

Seamlessly incorporates sensor fusion and alarm logic

Senstar Symphony seamlessly incorporates sensor fusion, alarm logic and rule-based actions, in order to provide unmatched capabilities, flexibility and performance.

As we celebrate Senstar’s beginnings and applaud its journey to date, we also look ahead to an exciting future, as a trailblazer in the security industry,” said the Managing Director of Senstar, Fabien Haubert, adding “We will continue to expand and evolve solution development to meet customer needs in our key markets – utilities, logistics, corrections, and energy.

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