Police report 11 individuals and 5 shop owners over COVID protective measures violation

Cyprus Police fined 11 individuals and 4 shop owners for violating the measures aiming to contain the spread of the COVID pandemic. A Police Spokesman told CNA that in the last 24hours ending on 06:00am local time, on Sunday, the Force carried out a total of 2,713 checks throughout the government-controlled areas. In Nicosia 1,250 checks were carried out with 2 individuals and 1 shop owner reported, in Limassol 268 checks were made with 3 individuals reported, in Larnaca 4 individuals and 1 shop owner were fined after 422 checks, in Pafos 3 shop owners were fined following 178 checks, 2 individuals were fined in Famagusta after 321 checks, while no fines were issued after 123 checks in the Morphou area.

Furthermore, the Traffic Departments and the Marine and Port Police carried out 135 and 16 checks respectively with no fines issued.

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