Kit Harington Is More Scared Of Marvel Secrecy Than HBO’s GoT Security

Kit Harington, star of Eternals, has recently revealed that he is more afraid of the secrecy surrounding Marvel than of the security from Game of Thrones. Eternals just released in theaters as the 26th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it has earned poor critic reviews (receiving the lowest-ever Rotten Tomatoes rating for an MCU movie), the movie has enjoyed a high audience score. With a star-studded ensemble cast, Eternals saw the introduction of several MCU newcomers, including Harington as Dane Whitman. Eternals follows the titular team of heroes in their 7,000-year-long quest to protect the Earth from the Deviants.

In the lead up to the film’s release, details about the plot and additional cast were kept tightly under-wraps, with Marvel boss Kevin Feige saying Eternals would be a “redefining” project in the MCU. In fact, star Lauren Ridloff, who plays the speedster Makkari, has previously revealed that she was delivered her Eternals scripts in a manila envelope by an “undercover” man in a trench coat. Salma Hayek, who plays the Eternals’ leader Ajak, has also called her experience on the film “stressful” due to the high levels of secrecy.


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In an interview with THR, Harington was asked whether he finds the security of Marvel Studios or HBO, home of Game of Thrones, worse. The star, who played Jon Snow on the hit fantasy series, said, “If we’re talking about security as in spoilers, I’m terrified of Marvel.”

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Between these comments from Harington, Ridloff, Hayek, plus many more, Marvel’s intense privacy is well-known by now. The internet is filled with jokes about a “Marvel sniper” who watches all stars involved in MCU shows and movies, and threatens to “take them out” if they spoil anything. By sticking to the strict Marvel Studios secrecy rules, the creative teams are able to keep the big reveals in each project under-wraps.

Granted, this has not entirely avoided leaks about Marvel movies getting out to the public, but for the most part, significant moments are kept as a surprise for audiences.


It is interesting that Harington says he is more afraid of the Marvel Studios security than he was while filming Game of Thrones. The hit HBO series was also notorious for having very tight rules around secrecy, especially before its final season 8. At the time of its airing, Game of Thrones was one of the biggest pop culture phenomenon in recent years, and its huge budget and extensive team likely came with some serious warnings about leaking information. Regardless, it seems that Harington is now very used to being involved in projects that require him to be tight-lipped, which bodes well for the actor if his Marvel character, Dane Whitman is to have an MCU future beyond Eternals.


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Source: THR

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