Ines Iris Pereira cries after the surprise of the security guard who helped her

Claudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Muniz Ines Iris Pereira received on the morning of Friday the 5th of November, titled breakfast During TVI’s “Two at 10”. In a conversation with the presenters, she told about her relationship with David, and also remembered the beginning of her second pregnancy. Once he had the positive test in his hands, he wanted to tell everyone, he said, “If something goes wrong or if I miss it, I’ll also need to talk about it.”

However, the agent advised her and her mother not to tell everyone right away. “This time I had really got a big belly, people were asking me and I decided to say. Then there was this separation and bleeding. I thought: I told you earlier and because I did, I should talk about this, and this is important to talk aboutIt was highlighted. When she remembered the great horror she experienced in her second pregnancy, she remembered: “She went to the hospital wearing a Newsa outfit [personagem criada para o programa ‘Cristina ComVida’]”.

At that time, when she arrived at the hospital, Ines Iris Pereira got the precious help of a security guard.A gesture you will never forget. “Security Rodrigo. He shouldn’t be watching, but his kiss is big. We didn’t name the boy Rodrigo because we already had that name [Joaquim], which is very special“I acknowledge. Recalling the moment he arrived at the hospital, he recalls: “I arrived with my legs very closed because I was feeling a lot of blood bleeding.

I arrived looking and the hospital was full.” […] The security guard looked at me, and realized I wasn’t okay, he came up to me and said, “You’re not okay, are you?” And I said I was bleeding so bad I thought I was losing the baby.” “He asked for my citizen card and the moment he said that, I started feeling something big come out, a clot. Only it was so big I thought the baby was coming out. I looked at him and said: “Help me, my baby is going out now.” He took me…

He was really a hero. The moment many caught me blood came out all over the hospital screaming for help. He went into the emergency room and screamed I was losing a lot of blood, he called for help… He put me in a wheelchair, and I never saw Rodrigo again. I go in a wheelchair and see nothing but blood…“, mentioned.

When the doctor arrived with the nurse, she was checked in and that was when she realized she hadn’t lost her baby. “The doctor said either there was a miscarriage or it was just a seizure. I had to wait and rest“. However, during the program, Ines Iris Pereira was surprised by Video of the security guard who helped her in the hospital.

The moment the actress was left crying. “Rodrygo, thank you, seriously. We tried to send him flowers but the hospital wouldn’t let him.

I remember when I left the hospital, Rodrygo was no longer working. But David spoke to him and told me he was very worried. He was very happy when he heard that everything was fine.

Because his girlfriend was pregnant, so he was feeling this whole thing… Thank you very much,” the actress responded to Rodrigo’s video, saying that she was still trying to convince her partner to call Joaquim Rodrigo for the baby who’s about to be born. Before it ended, I was very touched, I also mentioned that the security guard video”It was the best surprise“.

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