Ava Security further strengthens its open cloud platform by merging sensor and video data for greater facility insights and intelligence

Ava Security has launched the ability to use third-party sensors with Ava Aware Cloud, the open data platform for building and facilities intelligence. By merging video security with sensor technology, organisations can unlock the enhanced situational awareness of security along with facility management, staff well-being, and productivity. 

Open Ava Aware data platform

Siloed unconnected systems are a big challenge for organisations seeking greater insights and better building security. Integrations either require heavy, custom development, or organisations are often forced into a single vendor lock-in when moving to certain cloud vendors.  

Organisations can now use the open Ava Aware data platform with third-party sensors to capture insights into their sites’ activities and environmental conditions. Users can set rules for real-time notifications and alerts for readings such as abnormal noise levels, temperature, proximity, touch, humidity, smoke, vape, chemicals, and gas, allowing organisations to act quickly on environmental incidents.

Integrating data with video footage

Sensor data combined with video security footage through a single interface allows getting a clearer picture Sensor data is combined with video security footage through a single interface, allowing organisations to get a clearer picture of the security incidents that could impact their facilities, assets, and people.

For example, by associating a sensor with a camera, facility operators and IT would immediately see the sensor alarm and the real-time video associated with that sensor (e.g. an open emergency door). Businesses derive value beyond security; gathering data that can help achieve greater efficiency and improve operations. 

Initial sensor integration rollout

Ava Security is initially launching these quarter integrations with the Halo smart sensor from IPVideo Technology and the tiny wireless sensors from Disruptive Technologies. Customers also have the option to integrate with other sensor providers of their choice through Ava’s open API platform.

As a cloud-native and open platform, Ava Aware customers benefit immediately from new features and value as they are delivered over time. 

Features of Ava Aware Cloud

The Ava Aware Cloud is also incredibly flexible, allowing customers to: 

  • Connect sensors in minutes, set up rules, and notify users in real-time
  • View sensors on intuitive floorplan maps
  • Associate sensors with cameras with simple drag and drop
  • Remotely monitor sensors from anywhere in the world
  • Secure sensor data through end-to-end encryption, SSO, and 2-factor authentication

Cost-effective and flexible solution

Ava’s open architecture solves provides a cost-effective and flexible solution on the market” Sam Lancia, Head of Video Engineering & Co-Founder of Ava Security commented, “There is immense power in the visibility gained by combining the data from sensors with intelligent video security systems as it creates a far clearer picture for an organisation. Historically, this wasn’t possible because systems were too difficult to set up, often disconnected from one another, and organisations had to rip and replace existing investments to install software and devices from a single provider.”

Ava’s open architecture solves this problem for organisations, providing them with a cost-effective and flexible solution that utilises the best technology on the market. We already have keen interest from a range of customers across different verticals such as real estate, education, and retail.”

Physical security

Bengt Lundberg, CEO of Disruptive Technologies commented, “Ava Security is at the forefront of physical security. We are looking forward to seeing customers unlock the value from our combined products and services through this partnership.”

The Ava Aware system, enhanced by the DT sensors, unlocks huge potential for real-time insights for organisations to inform their security and facility management.”

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